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Five tips for a more productive home office job

In a world that is constantly changing, and with the advancement of technology, the conventional work model started requiring a series of adaptations in its processes, and with it, greater access to internet communication networks started being used for better production performance in different parts of the world. For many, the remote work model still needs to be shaped so that there is no interference in people’s creative performance. We have come up with some tips for you to make better use of your production time at home.

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3 animation trends for 2020

Every year, we have new trend lists for the most diverse subjects. Since the animated video is our business, we have decided to list 3 major animation and motion graphics trends for 2020. This decade has demonstrated the importance of animated videos for brand communication, whose audience is increasingly consuming video as a way of entertainment or of absorbing content.

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Digital revolution: what are the challenges for corporate communication?

At the time of digitalization, companies are starting a real digital boom. And for a good reason! If this change is not obvious to everyone, it goes without saying that it greatly makes the working methods easier. The world of communication is changing, in particular that of corporate communication that must adapt to the new challenges of the digital revolution.

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LinkedIn, the corporate social network to be explored urgently!

Social networks have become widespread within companies. But one of these platforms still remains on the sidelines of this meteoric success, and it is, however, essential for businesses. LinkedIn may sound unimportant for some organizations, but at Studio Gepetta, we understand what we can get out of a good mastery of this media, so why not get started?

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The importance of the animated video for endomarketing

Endomarketing is an essential internal communication strategy for creating a more pleasant, healthy and motivating environment for company employees, as well as integrating the company culture into the team. Such strategy also suits HR for working on the employee's well-being and needs. Thus, endomarketing, when well applied, can motivate employees and offer a sense of community and belonging to them.

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Corporate universities, the new 3.0 management trend

Two words that may sound strange to many of us. And yet, this intra-company incubation model is very much a part of our corporate ecosystem with an estimate of 4000 "corporate universities" in the world. In fact, more and more large groups are adopting the idea of developing universities within their structures. Certainly simplified by the digital, inexhaustible source of innovation, these virtual libraries adapt their methods for an optimal efficiency. Within this context, corporate animated videos find all their essence.

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Instagram or Facebook? Which social network to adopt for the video marketing

This is the eternal question... The social network addicts will certainly admit! Between Instagram and the once-famous Facebook platform, my heart swings. Needless to say, social networks have expanded the field of communication especially for companies. So who to turn to to promote our video content? And once again, you won’t believe it, everything is a matter of target audience!

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How to write a video script? A short guide by Studio Gepetta

Today, we open the doors to our universe. Our objective? Guiding you through the writing or validating of a video script, an art in its own that needs to be mastered in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Writing a video script proves to be a very complex exercise that requires a method. In fact, it's not just about handling the words well and fixing the esthetic to create a quality video. The art of writing a video script is based primarily on the synthesis and clarity of information to get a video that can be understood by all audiences.

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Digital trend: microlearning

Time saver: these are the key words of microlearning. And let it be said, lack of time is the pet peeve of companies especially in terms of training. In an ultra-connected world, our ability to concentrate is put to the test. So, to captivate the audience and boost the training, what's more logical than relying on an interactive support, simple but, above all, fast! A maximum of information in a minimum of time thanks to the animated explainer video, that is the objective of microlearning.

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This is the voice! How to choose your corporate voice-over

The voice-over is a crucial element that really sets the tone of a video. I’m sure we have all had the experience of watching an interesting movie massacred by a bad dubbing. Nobody wants to hear Scarlett Johannson talk with a lumberjack's voice! It goes to show, the sound and the voice are very important. This vital element should not be left to chance and requires a real research work in the beginning: the casting. Don’t panic, we are here to guide you and give you tips to find the voice that will stick with you.

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