Five tips for a more productive home office job

Imagem de um jovem rapaz sentado em frente à sua mesa de trabalho

In a world that is constantly changing, and with the advancement of technology, the conventional work model started requiring a series of adaptations in its processes, and with it, greater access to internet communication networks started being used for better production performance in different parts of the world.

For many, the remote work model still needs to be shaped so that there is no interference in people’s creative performance. We have come up with some tips for you to make better use of your production time at home.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:


  1. Create a work environment;
  2. Keep old habits;
  3. Have self-discipline;
  4. Invest in networking;
  5. Take care of your health.



Create a work environment


It is common for residential and business environments to be different, however when we combine the two, we need to adapt the place for work and separate in our mind a leisure espace and a production space. When we enter an environment where we find common home objects, we connect the mind to a moment of relaxation. We avoid this by removing any and all material that may be distracting and disposable for the performance of our work, be it magazines, cosmetic material, television, etc. At your desk, there should only be the necessary and organized work material so that the production flow can proceed without complications. Leave your place well lit with natural light and airy, this makes your body realize that it is daytime and helps you stay awake.

Many people are not used to seeing others working from home, so it is essential to notify all your close acquaintances, such as family members and those who get in touch with you more frequently, that you are working from home, this helps them not to worry, and to respect your production schedule.



Keep old habits


The daily work in companies has been solidified for years, and as a result, many habits were acquired in everyone’s daily life. These habits help us create a routine, when we don’t have to think too much about what to do to start our work day, requiring less effort and time to start our tasks.

Usually, people need time to settle down and organize their thoughts to start focusing on their tasks. Even if you don’t need to commute to work, it is important to wake up early so that you can prepare a nice quiet breakfast and be able to organize your space in 20 to 30 minutes before getting down to business, like this, you can start your project calmly and without further worries.

No pajamas, but you don’t have to go to the extreme of wearing a suit and tie. The way you dress is often directly linked to the environment in which you find yourself, choosing casual clothes to work will create a mental connection with the service to be provided the same way you create a specific place to work.

Try to have a fixed time for your lunch break, keeping the schedule that companies usually use to interrupt their activities momentarily gives your contacts an idea of what time is more convenient to get in touch with you without major inconveniences and/or frustrations.

In meetings by videoconference or by phone, do not go straight to the point, get to know the person better, ask how their day is going, what they have been doing in their free time, etc. Start a little dialogue before anything so it doesn’t look so “robotic”. This will make the other person feel at ease and realize that you care about them, so the bonds you create will be much stronger and friendlier.


Have self-discipline


During a good part of our lives, we have the guidance of other people, in childhood we have guidance from our parents, later on we are guided by teachers and when we start our life as a worker we have our supervisors. This can unconsciously lead to dependence on some external guidance and when we are not under someone’s supervision, we become prone to distractions. To avoid this, we need to do a self-analysis and identify our strengths and weaknesses.

As much as they facilitate communication and content sharing, the main villain against self-discipline are the social networks. We often feel the need to interact and/or check what is happening with our network, during home office jobs, the best way to solve this is disabling the app’s notification signs. The sound or the number that appear can make you look at your phone on impulse and ends up causing a moment of distraction. Making you waste a little time before resuming an activity.

Know how to separate tasks by priority, making a list can help create a better flow. When we are free to choose, we can get lost and spend a lot of time to conduct something by beating around the bush.

To maintain focus on activities, a very widespread technique is the Pomodoro technique, it consists of using a stopwatch to perform a task to 100% without making room for other activities that you want to do. The idea is to increase mental alertness with short breaks.

Originally, 25 minutes of activity are scheduled, such as writing a text, the only thing to be done will be your writing, with no time to check/send messages, change the song you are listening to, take out the trash, etc. For those who are not used to the technique, you can start with small progression tests over the days, starting in 10-minute sessions, then 15, 25, 30, 40 and 50.


Invest in networking


Networking, a term widely used today, this indicates the need for us to be connected, whether in person or virtually. Focusing on points of interest is essential, and maintaining relationships with people who do the same as us is very important. Try to be in contact with people who are in the same cycle as you, so you can take advantage of a healthier relationship, be informed about relevant issues and create productive bonds. The exchange of knowledge enriches both personally and professionally, new experiences and new techniques will be shared and everyone will be a part of this process together.


Take care of your health


Last but not least, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Of course it is everyone’s desire, but for that to happen, it takes initiative. Since you are working from home, there will be some bad habits that will try to influence your productivity and will consequently reflect on your health. Constant vigilance should be exercised, as there may be no one around to alert you.

As talked above, your work environment must be organized, and it must also be planned, ergonomically viable and clean, a high-quality chair can be a good start, as you will spend a good part of your time sitting down. Bearing in mind that posture is a key factor, we usually relax at home and sit carelessly, but in the long run this can cause serious damage, especially in the spine.

Beware of the brightness of your monitor and the distance you are keeping from it, some projects tend to hold our attention and we spend a lot of time staring at the screen. We should also pay attention to the headphones, most people who want to stay focused, tend to listen to loud music, this can speed up hearing loss, try to keep the volume down.

We make many repetitive movements throughout the day, which, over time, can cause some injury, whether mild or severe. To avoid this and other problems, short breaks are recommended while working, one of the suggestions is every 50 minutes worked, take a 10 to 15 minute break to stretch, get up from the chair to get water, breathe a little outside air and rest the eyes.

When we are home, we have the habit of eating several times, even if it’s just snacking one time or another. For home office workers, this habit has to be fought daily with a balanced diet and regular eating schedules. A lot of people tend to have anxiety and one of the escape routes is food, it is recommended to try and eat fruits.

Health is not just about the body, we must also take care of our mental health, making time for meditation sessions or going for walks can be good alternatives to relax the mind. It is a unique moment you can reserve for yourself before or after a day of work to ease the stress of everyday life.

These are some important tips that we at Studio Gepetta are all making use of during the current period of home office work. We hope that this can help you, remember that they are not rules and that there is no magic formula, but that they can help us with a healthier and more productive work routine.