LinkedIn, the corporate social network to be explored urgently!

Imagem com ícones de redes sociais

Social networks have become widespread within companies. But one of these platforms still remains on the sidelines of this meteoric success, and it is, however, essential for businesses. LinkedIn may sound unimportant for some organizations, but at Studio Gepetta, we understand what we can get out of a good mastery of this media, so why not get started?


But first of all, what is LinkedIn?


With more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is THE platform to manage your professional image, a number of members that may seem ridiculous in comparison with its colleagues Facebook or Instagram, except LinkedIn has the monopoly in its field. It differs from conventional social networks like Instagram or Facebook by offering more technical content but especially by constituting a network adapted to your field. Valuing and highlighting your sector of business is the motto of this big corporate ally. Ultimately, we could define LinkedIn as a Facebook wearing a suit!


How does it work?


With more than 170 recognized business sectors, the principle is simple and its mode of use is very similar to that of Facebook making it all the more accessible to all. The difference is that your news feed will no longer be bombarded with ads or publications sometimes very sketchy. LinkedIn is a real gateway to business and corporate news. Note for the supporters of the digital: this media is for you!


For the inexperienced, Studio Gepetta has concocted a little guide “LinkedIn for Dummies” with 3 steps:


  • The photo: a crucial element, because let’s not forget that this is a professional profile, so we leave aside the holiday photos wearing a sarong or a straw hat! Put all your assets on your side while remaining natural.
  • The presentation: It must be brief and especially catchy! You do not have to show off your professional experiences here because that’s the next step. In a few lines, define your skills and your assets to attract your target. The person reading it must be able to identify you clearly from the first line. Although it is a corporate presentation, a little originality and a fresh tone will be welcome to avoid falling into the usual institutional discourse. Stand out!
  • The experiences: Like a virtual resume, this step consists of listing your past experiences. Be careful not to fall into the trap of the shopping list, not all professional experiences need to be mentioned. Your profile must keep a coherent guideline and a certain relevance according to your field of activity.


And specifically, what’s the point?


This platform is for all types of profiles: students, employees, freelancers, even senior executives. In this professional context, you are allowed to build a network based on your focus of your specific business. A well-built profile will allow you to get in touch with significant people in your field.


A 3.0 recruitment platform? Of course!


This is the major asset of this professional network, so popular among students looking for a first job or internship. This ultra connected generation has fully understood the advantages of such a platform, how to use it intelligently and make it a true virtual, and especially interactive, CV. Its advantage? To give free rein to your imagination by posting a video à la “Fast and Curious” to attract attention. And it works! The video format is your best ally to highlight your professional experiences and your profile while bringing a touch of humor and originality that will make all the difference. As evidence, 43% use LinkedIn to find a job, a figure that will continue to grow over the years given the strong presence of recruiters on the network.


But our corporate star, LinkedIn, does not stop there! It also aims to develop your image, whether it already is flourishing or still under construction, by offering technical content related to the story, the objectives or the core of your specialty. The only drawback is that there is no golden rule or miracle recipe to shine on this platform. Frequency is not a guarantee of quality, prioritize the quality of your posts to remain relevant.


As you can see, LinkedIn offers good opportunities that require special attention. It’s a real prospecting field, a gold mine for job search, develop your network as you wish to form your own community.


Let’s get to work!