3 animation trends for 2020

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Every year, we have new trend lists for the most diverse subjects. Since the animated video is our business, we have decided to list 3 major animation and motion graphics trends for 2020. This decade has demonstrated the importance of animated videos for brand communication, whose audience is increasingly consuming video as a way of entertainment or of absorbing content.


1 – Typography

Widely used in music videos such as lyric video format, the typographic animation, or Kinect typography, is increasingly gaining prominence in branding or marketing.

A great example of this is the animation created by RVIZ for the Nike SNKRS app:


2 – Animated logo

The animation of the logo brings dynamism and life to the brand. Nowadays, the animated logo is no longer a differential, it’s fundamental for any company.

It is not only the colors and shapes that will convey the message to the public, but, in the digital era, this conveyance happens thanks to the dynamism of the logo animation.

So, some of Studio Gepetta’s customers are following this trend and developing their animated visual identities.


3 – 2D + 3D

The combination of 2D and 3D animation is here to stay. Recently, big brands in the entertainment industry, such as Sony (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and Netflix (Klaus), decided to bring to the general public this possibility of combining the 2D benefits, such as the dynamism of strokes and colors, with the depth of the graphic elements that 3D makes possible. In marketing, this hybrid animation extends the ability to tell brand stories.


An example of this trend in the marketing world is the Cannes-winning “One Word” animation developed for The Learning Corp’s “Constant Therapy” app.


Trends help to broaden the possibilities in the conceptual construction of a video. Understanding the reason for its momentary popularity is essential to reaching your target audience more efficiently.