Digital trend: microlearning

Imagem de duas mulheres olhando para o computador.

Time saver: these are the key words of microlearning. And let me tell you, lack of time is the pet peeve of companies especially in terms of training. In an ultra-connected world, our ability to concentrate is put to the test. So, to captivate the audience and boost the training, what’s more logical than relying on an interactive support, simple but, above all, fast! A maximum of information in a minimum of time thanks to the animated explainer video, that is the objective of microlearning.


A new training mode


Weeks of training where we literally drown in information are over. The strong point of microlearning is above all its time save. It is now possible to split the training into modules according to themes. Express training that guarantees results. It only takes a few minutes, the time for your audience to be captivated and memorize it without getting bored. Like a TV series, it is a flexible method based on a specific goal and not on dozens of incomprehensible objectives.


Microlearning and memory


The impact on the memory of a 5-minute module training per week for 2 months will be much greater than a single 40-minute module accessed one time. This type of digital training also allows the learners to watch it and review it as they please. Simple and captivating!


But first of all, what is it?


Microlearning is a form of long-distance learning, often online, of short duration. The training modules last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and use very entertaining techniques such as videos, text, images and sound. Microlearning is about interactions with micro content in online learning structures, but also by its easy access.


At the service of companies


Training, a step that can resonate like a swear word for small and big companies. Indeed, sometimes off-putting, not adapted, too long or too complex, a poorly addressed training is a failed training! That’s why companies want to optimize this essential rite of passage to make it a real performance lever thanks to microlearning. A system based on autonomy and where the learner becomes the own leader of their training! An extremely educational approach that involves the staff to be trained more than the training itself. Through microlearning, we can approach all themes, even the most complex ones, in a clear and concise manner.


Simple and captivating!