Instagram or Facebook? Which social network to adopt for the video marketing

Imagem com ícones de redes sociais

This is the eternal question… The social network addicts will certainly admit! Between Instagram and the once-famous Facebook platform, my heart swings. Needless to say, social networks have expanded the field of communication especially for companies. So who to turn to to promote our video content? And once again, you won’t believe it, everything is a matter of target audience!

Nothing more effective than a video as a promotional support. As a matter of fact, it is the source of virality which explains its success on social networks. The latest figures show that 68% of marketers have posted a video on Facebook against 41% on Instagram. Figures that will evolve, however, given the strong demand and increasing use of these powerful media. Nevertheless, we must still know how to use them wisely!

At first glance, we could put Instagram and Facebook on an equal footing. These two giants give free rein to brands to publish free video content, broadcast live video or even story-telling, the darling format of brand content. But looking more closely, both have very distinct properties that require a post publication marketing analysis.

What is my target audience?

A crucial question to be able to establish an effective campaign on social networks. Determining your target audience at the beginning will allow you to know how you use the different platforms and thus offer adapted content.

What is my objective?

The video strategy on social networks meets a specific objective: fame, image, sales increase, new products … There is no question that keeping a profile going has corporate objectives! The engagement rate is extremely high, it is fundamental for small and big brands to use these platforms to meet their objectives in a way that is quick, concise and, above all, at a lower cost.

After this quick marketing analysis, some advantages and disadvantages are to be considered before planning your video strategy on social networks.

  • Number of users: Facebook remains unbeatable and brings together a greater mix of people with very different social-demographic categories and age groups, making it more accessible to communicate with the public. With more than 2.2 billion users against 1 billion on Instagram, it stands out as THE platform to exploit. Nevertheless, this is not necessarily the best indicator. During a video marketing campaign, we have to go deeper into the behaviors and habits of use to understand the user base of each network.
  • Commitment: If Facebook has the advantage of having a condensed population that facilitates the work of targeting the audience, Instagram has a better commitment rate. As a matter of fact, 80% of Instagram users follow a company. That propels their success on social media with an extremely active base of users! The video format is very successful. Especially thanks to the stories option that has 300 million users per day while Facebook struggles to catch up with half as much published stories.


If Facebook remains the most popular network for brands, Instagram is your best ally for a video marketing campaign. It reigns supreme in audiovisual matters and for good reason, the platform was designed to enhance the visual aspect. And while the brands are massively present on Facebook, its colleague offers an added value in terms of mix-marketing. We can explain!

  • Instagram has a better visual performance.
  • It makes it easier for brands to reach consumers with the story option and live video option giving brands an interactive and, above all, free way to share!
  • Less visual pollution: done! Unlike Facebook whose interface is really flooded with paid ads, Instagram offers the luxury of a minimalist interface that alternates the type of content for a better user experience.
  • Instagram est en pleine croissance notamment auprès des 12-17 ans, une population vindicative pour l’avenir ! Instagram is growing solidly especially among 12-17 year olds, a population that will thrive in the future!

So in the end, to know well the properties of social networks is to increase our chances of success in our video marketing campaigns. Your move!