The Liberated Companies? Towards a new management style

At a time when “performance” is the key word, burn out, a formality of passage and dialogue, an abstract notion, it is time for things to change! The Liberated Company then appears as an ambitious alternative, the key to progressive management open to communication. We can never say it too often: communication between services is essential for the smooth running of structures. Indeed, we can only deplore this archaic scheme, not to say obsolete, which is based on hierarchical management. Why not combine “performance” with ” relaxed atmosphere” by erasing the boundaries established by a too strict hierarchy. The stereotype of the narrow-minded little chef is no longer so far from reality like the amateur employee. It is then that the Liberated Companies intervene, finally breaking the codes of traditional business.

Liberated Companies, what are they?

“When the freedom of the employees makes the success of the companies”. This is the motto of this new 3.0 management mode. Its principle is simple: let employees take individual initiatives rather than impose directives followed by controls. A model that lets itself be guided by a climate of trust and recognition offering a stimulus that is even more effective. It is in this atmosphere that everyone can express their skills for the benefit of better performance. This “corporate” freedom is seen as a real key factor of success, at odds with the traditional management dictates which lead companies to their ruin in a fragile economic context. This model also promotes well-being at work, an attractive program for managers and employees alike! If there is a suppression of the hierarchical model, anarchy will not find its place. Rules guarantee everyone’s space of freedom to ensure the smooth running and cohesion of the group. As autonomy is placed at the heart of the managerial system, employees are free to organize their working time themselves and set their personal goals: an inexhaustible source of challenges!

A concept for a company lacking benchmarks?

Who says new managerial ideology says detractors! While many companies have already adopted this system, some are more reluctant to give it credit. A new media buzz, a lifeline for sinking companies or even a “care bear” vision of the business world, all excuses are good to back off and above all to avoid change at all costs. The profusion of managerial methods still invites us to question ourselves, we must still have to evaluate our objectives to measure their effectiveness.

They adopted it!

Harley Davidson Company, Kiabi, Michelin, Allo Resto or even La Maif… Long-lasting and progressive structures looking to the future. A vision carried by charismatic leaders such as Jean Dominique Senard at the head of the giant Michelin, behind the success of this new management method. It is really about embodying the values that will guide the company and its employees in the same vein as internal communication. Sharing and adhering to these values aims to support cohesion, always in this libertarian process.

These are all favorable signs for the profile of a company with a human face, which reconciles performance and well-being.