3 animated explainer video techniques

Imagem de engrenagens interligadas e uma mão masculina apertando uma das porcas com uma chave de fenda

The animated explainer video is the best marketing tool to explain something in a simple and understandable way to the audience.

Okay, we already know that, but do you know the main techniques?

In this universe, there are three explainer video techniques that are commonly used: Whiteboard, Motion Graphics and Character Animation. We’ll explain below what each one means, their importance and why it might be perfect for the way you want to tell your story.

Whiteboard Animation: great for educational purposes

The Whiteboard Animation is a kind of animation that requires only a pen and paper. Draw My Life is an example of this. In 2013, many youtubers, such as Felipe Neto and PC Siqueira, used this technique to tell the stories of their lives in a type of video that became viral on the Internet: Draw My Life. It was immediately a success. In addition, many academic youtube channels and universities have used the Whiteboard Animation to explain complex content in a simple and expressive way. Actually, we can summarize this type of explainer video as: “Is it clear or do you want me to draw it?”

There are three reasons as to why the Whiteboard Animation is the perfect explainer video for you:

● Research results show that Whiteboard is the animation that most captures the viewer’s attention in the first seconds;

● Effective both for those who learn fast or slow;

● Lower cost of production.

Take a look at our last example of Whiteboard Animation:


Motion Graphics: booming in the universe of animations

There are signs that its emergence has happened still in the beginning of the cinema, as we explained in this post. The reason for it to be in  such evidence today is due to its dynamism, the possibility of transforming and moving elements that help guide the viewer within the story .

Three reasons as to why the Motion Graphics is the perfect explainer video for you:

● The style is versatile;

● It has the best technique for statistics;

● It is the most elegant style.

We have an example of Motion Graphics for you:

Character Animation: the most known

Disney films are great examples of distinctive characters. As ridiculous as they seem, these cartoons are part of our reality. After all, who has never tried to mimicking Donald Duck’s voice? Here at Studio Gepetta, for example, Mike and Sullie from Monsters, Inc. are among our favorites. And this style isn’t only present in the movies. Nowadays, the corporate world uses it extensively. It is with the Character Animation that the characters are inserted to captivate and excite the viewer, whether they are collaborators, partners or clients.

Three reasons as to why the Character Animation is the perfect explainer video for you:

● Ideal for storytelling format;

● The story is told based on the spectator’s own experience (i.e., it generates identification between the viewer and the characters);

● Adaptable for complex or simple subjects.

Below, an example of Character Animation, one of our classics: