Storytelling or the art of telling stories

Imagem de mãos de jovem mulher utilizando uma máquina de escrever

« Once upon a time there was a company … »

At the heart of communication strategies, the storytelling has become an essential step for companies to tell their story. True art of « narrating », it is a weapon of massive seduction, alllowing us to give another tone to the usually institutional discourse to make place to a little freshness and finally trigger the emotion. Humor, suspense, offset tone, all the codes of the narration are the key to a corporate or a product emphasis, or even more effective.


When originality rhymes with efficiency

Set your imagination and creativity free: these certainly are the key words to a successful storytelling to seduce your audience. Originality will prove to be your best ally to create an imaginary universe unique to your image. In the form of a Sheherazade story for more magic, of a grandmother’s anecdote for more privacy, or of a legend for more mystery, everything is allowed! It’s all about creating a special relationship with your audience and making your message m.e.m.o.r.a.b.l.e.


But are you lacking inspiration? Our favorite storytellings will certainly give you a foretaste! From external to internal communication through training, certainly universes for all audiences.


1. Ikea ad – La Lampe:


2. Leroy Merlin – Super Heros:


3. Hospital de Amor ad:


Ready… Set…. Write!