Explainer videos, at the service of a new management mode

Imagem de um caderno com ilustrações de quadrinhos e legendas em uma das páginas e um smartphone ao lado

Audiovisual media for the benefit of the management? More and more companies rely on this interactive and viral support. They use it to unite their audience and introduce them to changes in the direction of a new management mode. Through explainer videos, the aim is to harmonize internal communication, which guarantees unprecedented productivity and efficiency. Impactful, precise, sometimes even original, this new informative mode certainly sweeps the trend of “acute meeting” to leave room for a modern support that will appeal to all audiences.


Videotelling trend


All subjects are pretext to tell a story. From information video, going through training up to product presentation, it’s all about getting the right message to the right audience. This viral content allows to capture the attention of your audience and thus increases the reach of your message. A fun way to bring change especially through motion design. The little extra of this trend? A tailor-made video designed to your image in order to highlight the values ​​and the DNA of the company. Nothing is left to chance and it is even an opportunity to make allusions creating an atmosphere specific to the company and recreating a universe in which everyone can identify. Besides its power of information, the explainer video has a considerable impact on the sense of belonging within the company.


An alternative that combines simplicity and modernity at the heart of current management concerns!