Trends for 2019: the feminine ad!

Imagem de uma moça confiante

A feminine ad? The tone is set for this year of 2019. The trend is towards a new way of communication that tends to more kindness, lightness and comfort especially in the world of advertising. If this sector has, for a long time, been giving place to an aggressive speech, sometimes even “chauvinistic”, the world of advertising is renewed and opens this year of 2019 under new auspices. Feminization of advertising: there, I’ve said it. A year that promises to be stunning!


Eco advertising

That is a word that resonates well in all languages and all mouths. It’s the era of an eco-responsible lifestyle that has a tendency to become widespread and cross the boundaries of communication. A feminine value that deposes the supreme reign of the masculine in advertising. Environmental issues are emerging as a major concern and brands wish to lean on that, adopting a new line of communication focused on the news. “Ecobranding” then appears as the responsible approach of the moment. Agencies such as brands have a real role to play in the direction of this awareness that tends to create lighter and minimalist content with very feminine contours. Evidenced by the readjusted logos such as McDonalds, H&M or Louis Vuitton which were revealed more refined.


The digital detox


For an evolving society, a detox ad! Always in the sense of a feminine ad, the advertising breaks traditional codes and clichés in favor of a better image of women. A role still very ambiguous that feeds the stereotypes anchored for generations. 2019 makes room for change by advocating for gender equality and inclusion. An advertising initiative that really wants to make a positive impact on society by creating awareness. No more targeted advertising, instead, a smart ad that makes us all aware! The time of imposing the advertising dictatorship on the consumers is over. Now it’s time to give place to the notion of the “consum-actor”.