Animated ads: when retro marketing invades the advertising

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Time has surely come for the trend of the animated ad. A form of advertising designed to awaken the child in all of us! And for good reason, it does not hesitate to plunge us right back into our childhood to make “adhesion” and “aspiration” rhyme. Retro marketing is certainly inviting itself into the world of advertising, breaking the codes of traditional advertising.


A nostalgia that sells


The animated ad is an open door to our memories of yesteryear. “Adulescents” or “kidults” are the perfect targets of this retro advertising that plunges us back into the heart of our childhood. Numerous are the interventions of animated icons in advertising, always in the sense of a multi generational retro marketing. We think of Apple and its reminder of the memorable scene in “Lady and the Tramp” or even more recently their tribute to Pixar in the spot “Share Your Gift”.


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Who else but Disneyland, master in the art of animation, to showcase the animated ad in service of a retro marketing under the symbol of the dream. They would be wrong if they didn’t do that! The appearance of Disney characters is for the advertising the guarantee of a dazzling buzz, as evidenced by the Christmas campaign of Disneyland Paris by BETC which highlights one of the the emblematic characters of the Disney house “Donald Duck”. A commercial that promises to the spectator emotion, memories and nostalgia of our young years! The comics, essential elements of this advertisement, certainly give it a retro tone, a true nod to retro marketing.



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Essential retro element, the pop art is well positioned in the universe of the animated ads. From luxury to agribusiness, this artistic trend has known how to seduced the public with advertisements echoing a vintage era.



Retro marketing, it’s an art!