Happy birthday! Our Studio’s 4th year

Ilustração do pinóquio com o nariz crescido e uma expressão de surpresa



Today, a special article for a special month. Yes, it’s been four years since Studio Gepetta opened its doors to embark on an adventure. So, naturally, we want to share with you a bit of our story because Studio Gepetta is, above all, a team that strives every day to make this adventure more fascinating. Between memories and laughter, imagination and passion, each member of the team shares their experience in Studio Gepetta through an unusual anecdote that gives our start-up this tone and this unique atmosphere. Welcome to the heart of this den of creativity to celebrate a birthday like no other!


Studio Gepetta is also the exchange and sharing of cultures. A multiculturalism that is truly its strength but which can prove to be more « risky ». When I arrived at the Studio, my French accent didn’t go unnotice by anyone and it even created a confusion on my first day, a BIG confusion! The kind of misunderstanding that makes you turn tomato red in a split second under the bewildered looks of the audience: part of a simple question about the composition of a traditional French breakfast, a mediocre pronunciation of a very banal word, confusion in this trashy conversation, even very trashy. You see, the famous French baguette has a very different meaning and takes a different turn in Brazil, I learned it the hard way… That broke the ice, my “Frentuguese” didn’t help me!


An office anecdote that has really caused a laugh. You see, it happens that some of our collaborators improvise jokes awkwardly, to the detriment of Dóris, our undisputed ice cream fan! She is the favorite prey of Rafael, our sales rep popular for his jokes, which can however turn into disaster, or almost! Like that day when Rafael thought he was amusing Dóris, hard at work, throwing a glass of water, that he thought to be empty, in her face. Our translator, misty glasses, took a shower under the lost eyes of our serial joker who did not expect that turn of events. That’s what we call a glass half empty, or, for Dóris, glass completely full!


They say that the world is small, Gabriel has experienced it. Our financial administrator had a taste of the studio well before his arrival. As he rode around town, the sound of a horn stopped him. In the car next to him, familiar faces, however, all of them coming from different encounters. The four sidekicks he knew so well individually were not supposed to know each other. In the car, Rafael, the serial joker, Milton, our creative element, Bruno, our favorite rockstar, and finally Julio, Gepetta’s prankster. What was his surprise to bump into the guys together when there was no link between them to his knowledge. During his job interview, what a surprise when he found out that they all worked at the Studio. A surrealistic scene that resonated like a trip into the future. The world is really small!

To be continued…