Happy birthday! Our Studio’s 4th year

Ilustração da logo do studio com um chapéu de aniversário



New week, new office anecdotes! New stories as thrilling as eccentric for us to enjoy. Between incredible and original adventures, this third and final part still reserves a few surprises.



An adventure that resembles a burlesque comedy?

Bruno definitely masters that. During a weekend organized by Studio Gepetta, the whole team was invited to stay in bungalows to commemorate the “confraternização”. Everyone had been waiting for that end-of-year gathering to share a laidback moment.

In small groups of two or three people, it wasn’t at random that our favorite singer found himself sharing the room with Julio, his sidekick in foosball, and Patricki, a character as strange as extravagant known to everyone at IMD. An impactful team announcing a very eventful party.

If we only knew how right we were, because as soon as they arrived in the bungalow, first problem! They had barely put down their luggage when they noticed a problem with the lock, impossible to close electronically or manually. Between many round trips to the reception desk, attempts to repair it, our three friends eventually got a new bangalow.

Like in a horror movie, our adventurers roam the resort in complete darkness, lit only by the moon glow. One might think that this would be the end of their ordeal but the reality is quite different! New turnaround, the door of the new bungalow only opens from the inside, despite many unsuccessful attempts. Patricki volunteers to stay in the room while our party duo continues the festivities with the other Gepetta members.

At 3 o’clock, the survivors of this mad evening are becoming rare and Julio decides to slip away. Bruno does the same thing a few minutes later, knocks on the door and … no answer! Our karaoke enthusiast stomps on the doorstep without success. But it takes more to discourage Bruno, who decides to turn into an acrobat in the middle of the night to get in through the back of the bungalow. Worthy of a real Hollywood stunt, he jumps the fence of the veranda seeking to reach a well deserved rest. But surprise! The back door was also locked. It seemed like it would be a long night, but after 30 minutes of struggle, Julio finally opened the door to our motion designer. Corporate trips can also be full of adventure!



An anecdote that once again compromises the French accent. Yes, Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation can be a real ordeal for us “Gepettien” French people.

Milton, our creative director, had a taste of this language difficulty that confronts us from time to time. On the occasion of a very important project, he had to illustrate a variety of characters of different ethnicities. During the validation, our big shot director, the French-speaking member of the team, raised a certain question about the appearance one of the characters, that he did not look “maluco” enough, which is a Brazilian adjective that can be translated as “crazy”.

Astonished, our illustrators were back to work not quite sure of what they had to do. After several attempts, none of the new proposals of “crazy” corresponded to the image that our Frenchman did of the “maluco” character. Our big shot director finally decides to ask if our creatives really understand the term “maluco”. In a general laugh, everyone finally realized that it was actually a bad pronunciation from our French member. The latter wanted to mean a character from “Moroco” and not “maluco”, a subtle difference that is difficult to notice but can nevertheless take a different turn! A French misunderstanding just how we like it.



No anecdote for Patricki, because he’s such an original character, but we are going to give him some space here anyway. His appearance and eccentric temperament make him an outstanding and out of the ordinary motion designer who deserves attention.

Who hides behind his blueish-gray rebel hair and his werewolf-paws shaped slippers?

Small habits that make our Patricki a true authority within the Metróple Digital. This very atypical character knew how to seduce our team thanks to a touch of madness that summarizes all the creativity of our Studio. If his looks go unnoticed, our motion designer hides more than one trick in his hat!

If you pay a little attention, you will notice his silver necklace which Patricki never takes off, and for good reason! Our “Desireless” fan has the ability to feel the energies around him. A sensitivity that forges this generous and atypical soul, a unique being that we love for his disconcerting naturalness. If you go near the creative studio, it’s not surprising to see him dancing alone at his workstation with « Voyage, Voyage » playing on the background. There you have it, Studio Gepetta is the mix of cultures and personalities for an explosive combination!


This is where the last part of the office anecdotes ends to bring this anniversary month to an end with style. A very revealing foretaste of the atypical atmosphere of our Studio. We are finally ready for a year that opens to new horizons and which, we hope, will reserve us its share of adventures made in Gepetta!