Happy birthday! Our Studio’s 4th year

Ilustração do pinóquio com o nariz pequeno e uma expressão de alívio



A promise is a promise. We meet again this week for the second part of the office anecdotes to continue the festivities of this special anniversary month. Between memories and small details behind the scenes, Studio Gepetta opens a little more the doors of its universe to reveal to us, once again, beautiful surprises.



Studio Gepetta is, above all, the sharing of cultures, a Franco-Brazilian link from which the team draws its singularity. Júlio shares this multi-cultural experience with us by telling us his own story!

“It was a Friday, happy hour time with the colleagues, specifically me, Bruno, Chloé, Rafael, and his girlfriend, Ariane. For personal reasons, Rafael and Ariane had to leave early. The 3 survivors then continued this evening by exchanging on their personal tastes in music. I then remembered a playlist of songs from French bands, and showed it to Chloé… She observes the different groups and notes that they are mainly melancholic groups. Until then OK, because I already knew the translation to most songs. To try and reverse the trend, I showed her a more current singer, with catchy music and a touch of hip-hop: Maítre Gims. I hear her say something like: Ah! My grandmother loves that artist! I decide that Chloé’s grandmother has good taste in music, or at least that we have similar preferences, and that I am a lonely (old) wolf. The world around me darkens and I see myself in the middle of the noise and laughter. ”



In addition to being a born artist, André is the observer of Studio Gepetta. Nothing gets past our origami enthusiast who transforms a piece of paper into a true work of art. Today, he shares with us some anecdotes about the backstage of the Studio!

Apparently the team has also a touch of clairvoyance, or almost! Everyone knows when Andressa is approaching the creative room! For a simple reason, Studio Gepetta’s fashion addict is the only woman in the building to wear high heels. The clatter of her steps on the floor never go unnoticed!

In the creative team room, whenever Milton, our director, leaves the room for any reason, Rafael, Gabriel or João Vittor instantly arrive, searching for Milton desperately. We are always surprised that they have never crossed paths just outside the room, as if a mysterious spatio-temporal portal resided in the corridor… The enigma remains.



Still in the direction of a multiculturalism, this anecdote is an unforgettable memory for Andressa. Our CEO showed our French partners a totally relaxed backstage of Studio Gepetta.

Frequently, the Gepetta team welcomes in Brazil friends and partners, coming especially from France, to meet the studio. In order to introduce them to the office, initially, a lunch was programmed, all under a friendly, warm and professional atmosphere, but perhaps a little too relaxed! At the end of this gastronomic pause, our Franco-Brazilian invited our partners to visit the creative studio during the team’s lunch hour. The noon break is very different here in Brazil and that is what our French friends unexpectedly found out. Far from the hard working atmosphere to which our guests had prepared themselves, the studio had turned into a real collective dormitory! It turns out that the famous visit to the creative room happened right before the end of the lunch break, just at the time of the traditional “noon nap” well known here in Brazil. An atmosphere that gave them a taste of Brazilian relaxation, while also echoing with the traditions of southern France. In the midst of snoring and dazed looks, French and Brazilians were equally astounded. Between laughter and surprise, this comic difference illustrates the atmosphere of our studio, where well-being and serenity are the keywords. Welcome!


To be continued…