Values: what is their place in our companies?

Imagem de uma equipe de colegas de trabalho apertando as mãos

This article is part of a very current observation.

A complex communication

At a time when the rise of social network is an indisputable fact and that it massively enlarges the field of communication of small and large companies, values are truly at the heart of the virtual exchange between consumers and businesses. In fact, values have become important allies to assert and claim the business commitment. Particularly because of this new way of communicating which makes social relations more complex. And yes, the social network has its doors open to criticism, so what’s more logical than getting out the values “perfect manual” to respond in the most appropriate way without attracting the wrath of Internet users?

The values represent a strong defense but also set the guideline for a code of conduct adopted by companies. However, should these values be considered as the holy Grail of the company? In this context, a question arises: should these values necessarily be shared by all? Or should there be a counter power, a fair balance that gives the right to free will within the company? Big debate.

While some share this idea of generalizing and this commitment to common values, others take different philosophical directions. However, we have to admit that values are a key element that guide the operation and positioning of the company. In order to be able to bring these values to the general public, it is essential that the collaborators share them with the company, that they become their spokespeople.

Values & Start-up

Let’s look into the case of start-ups. This business model draws its success from a reframing and from a new way of conceiving the work around values, elements which they consider as being essential to the durability of their structures. Repositioning yourself about that subject is, above all, about refocusing the world of the company around the simple humanist concepts. The time when the only issue was around productivity and performance seems today obsolete. Companies today are more worried about the well-being in the workplace, guarantee of optimal results.

To accept, to claim, to proclaim one’s values is the guiding principle of a foolproof communication. Apart from the purely ethical aspect, this adherence to values allows companies to distinguish themselves and to create a sense of belonging towards a common direction. Going back to the essential, this is the motto of a management based on values, a safe value!