This is the voice! How to choose your corporate voice-over

Imagem de um microfone profissional em frente a um laptop

The voice-over is a crucial element that really sets the tone of a video. I’m sure we have all had the experience of watching an interesting movie massacred by a bad dubbing. Nobody wants to hear Scarlett Johannson talk with a lumberjack’s voice! It goes to show, the sound and the voice are very important. This vital element should not be left to chance and requires a real research work in the beginning: the casting. Don’t panic, we are here to guide you and give you tips to find the voice that will stick with you.


Step one: Find their identity


The first question to ask is crucial. Whatever the type of video, the voice-over is above all a character, bearer of values ​​and emotions. Let’s not neglect them and let’s give them a real soul to capture the attention of our audience.

The voice-over, just like the graphic style, must be chosen according to the target, the expectations and their profile. As the name suggests, “the audiovisual” is not only a matter of visual but also of sound! Depending on your purpose, it’s all about finding the right tone through the voice-over to convey your message. A voice that is young, mature, explanatory, warm, shocking, deep, low… Everything must be carefully thought out.

Every little detail of a voice will certainly provide different and distinct emotions. A job that requires listening! But that’s essential to define THE profile of the centerpiece of your video.


Step two: Where to find my voice-over


First reflex: Google. And yet, it does not always meet our expectations and it can be disappointing. Unfortunately, there is no miracle method for finding the “killer voice”.

There are a lot of casting websites and they are not all the same. It’s a matter of taking interest in the specificity of the profession and in the examples of actors that are referenced. Using a “historic” actor can also be a good alternative. In fact, the power of the voice is in favor of the audiovisual and the tone of a famous person never goes unnoticed. The objective is reputation and memorization, yes, but it is not always the solution to everything.

Voice catalogs on the web also offer a lower cost opportunity. But we are also able to intervene! Thanks to our experience and expertise, the Studio volunteers to find the Speaker that will meet all your expectations thanks to an adapted catalog that we strive to expand from year to year.


Step three: The choice


Certainly the most difficult step. This is not necessarily a “love at first voice”, we hesitate, we ask ourselves questions to be sure to make the right choice.

So before giving the green light to your voice-over, some instructions are needed. Take the time to listen to several demos in the style you are looking for. To be in perfect harmony with your project, we recommend asking the speaker to record a short excerpt from the script. It may seem futile, but this step may allow you to stand out. Prepare explanations so that the voice-over fits perfectly to the actions of the video, do not be evasive and go into detail.

Finally, availability and listening must be skills registered on the board of a good speaker. The voice-over should not be just a nice voice, but a reliable person you can rely on. If all these conditions are met, that’s it!