“I’m not an easy man,” what if we switched roles?

Imagem de homens ironicamente reinvidicando direitos masculinos

On this International Women’s Day, what if we switched roles? That’s what is proposed to us in “I am not an easy man”, a French movie advocating gender equality, an issue that is still far from finding unanimity in our society.


With a lot of humour, this cinematic gem deals with a subject that’s as taboo as it is sensitive. We can find Vincent Elbaz stuck in a Paris where women have taken over power, an unlikely comedy in which the “strong sex” loses its glory. After bumping into a pole, Damien wakes up in a world where feminism is trending. A hard blow for our protagonist who is a real inveterate macho womanizer and for whom the reversal of the codes will prove to be a real ordeal. We find very masculine women who do not hesitate to switch the traditional skirt suit for a suit and tie. They have the newspaper « l’Equipe » on their desk, and rugby as a background sound. Thus, an atmosphere far from the glamorous clichés toward the image of the woman.


Come discover this daring comedy that certainly challenges our patriarchal society in which the word is given to men. A nice tribute in this important day!