E-LEARNING: 5 good reasons to adopt the animated explainer video

Imagem de 3 moças em um sofá com laptops no colo

A vital tool for e-learning, the animated video is having its finest hour nowadays. And for good reason: its certain power of influence. The virality is the key to better adhesion and understanding, a source of stimulation for all audiences. 5 good reasons to adopt the animated explainer video, your best corporate ally.


1. Creator of attention


The cliché of the endless meeting that destroys your employees after 10 minutes is not far. So the video is the perfect support for capturing the attention and really captivating your audience. To illustrate, a short video will tell more than an hour of meeting, a real time and productivity saver. Everything is explained, it’s fun!

2. Inventor of stories


In the form of storytelling, the animated explainer video is limitless. Give free rein to your imagination and set the scene for your company or product. Originality and creativity will certainly give a different tone to your speech for a more effective adhesion. Give life to your company by creating a unique universe that will bring a semblance of freshness to an institutional content. Create the difference!


3. Engaging element


The animated explainer video certainly helps to consolidate the team spirit and the feeling of belonging. At the heart of current internal communication objectives, this audiovisual content makes it possible to highlight each of the collaborators. In a perspective of change, it will also reassure and determine the role of each in a sometimes complex professional ecosystem. Remember, each collaborator is essential, identify them clearly!


4. Ideas simplifier


Let it be said, digital transformation, new Corporate Social Responsibility issues or even a restructuring can prove to be a real havoc for the company. Certainly, change is always a complex subject to address, so it is about decomplexifying the issue by going with the simplest. For this purpose, the animated video is perfect, it combines visual, lightness and technicality to simplify the message for optimal understanding.


5. 3.0 Tool


It’s really in right now, this new mode of communication certainly fits perfectly with the new digital challenges of today. Thus, it is a modern way to start the digital transition by using the latest trends for the benefit of the company.


So, approved?