Start-up – the new innovative actors that make a difference!

Imagem de um caderno com ilustrações coloridas e uma mão segurando uma caneca de café

Innovative, creative, looking to the future: this is the motto of an effective start-up. This new business model is experiencing tremendous success in recent years and for good reason! It’s the promise of a real source of challenge around young values. The corporate world is therefore being redesigned to make way for fresh and dynamic structures focused on technological and societal issues.


We often talk about the “start-up spirit” which says a lot about their universe. This economic model draws its success from an operating mode in perpetual quest for innovation with a proven team spirit. A spirit that tries to claim the giants of the hight tech such as Google who offers 20% of the working time devoted to a personal project. The goal? Improved working conditions that promote listening and exchange for greater responsiveness and productivity. We are far from the morose image of the traditional company, we make way for a company with a socially open human face.


Amongst the world of start-ups, there are some iconic success stories such as Airbnb or Uber. But it is not enough to become a new « start-uper » without preparing, on the contrary. It’s really about finding an innovative concept to conquer the market, THE big idea. Watch the trends, the news to get the killer idea. There is more to it than meets the eye!