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This is the voice! How to choose your corporate voice-over

The voice-over is a crucial element that really sets the tone of a video. I’m sure we have all had the experience of watching an interesting movie massacred by a bad dubbing. Nobody wants to hear Scarlett Johannson talk with a lumberjack's voice! It goes to show, the sound and the voice are very important. This vital element should not be left to chance and requires a real research work in the beginning: the casting. Don’t panic, we are here to guide you and give you tips to find the voice that will stick with you.

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Values: what is their place in our companies?

At a time when the rise of social network is an indisputable fact and that it massively enlarges the field of communication of small and large companies, values are truly at the heart of the virtual exchange between consumers and businesses.

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Trends for 2019: the feminine ad!

A feminine ad? The tone is set for this year of 2019. The trend is towards a new way of communication that tends to more kindness, lightness and comfort especially in the world of advertising. If this sector has long given place to an aggressive speech, sometimes even "chauvinistic", the world of advertising is renewed and opens this year of 2019 under new auspices. Feminization of advertising: there, I’ve said it. A year that promises to be stunning!

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E-LEARNING: 5 good reasons to adopt the animated explainer video

A vital tool for e-learning, the animated video is having its finest hour nowadays. And for good reason: its certain power of influence. The virality is the key to better adhesion and understanding, a source of stimulation for all audiences. 5 good reasons to adopt the animated explainer video, your best corporate ally.

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Explainer videos, at the service of a new management mode

Audiovisual media for the benefit of the management? More and more companies rely on this interactive and viral support to unite their audience and introduce them to changes in the direction of a new mode of management. Through explainer videos, the aim is to harmonize internal communication, which guarantees unprecedented productivity and efficiency. Impactful, precise, sometimes even original, this new informative mode definitively sweeps the trend of "acute meeting" to leave room for a modern support that will appeal to all audiences.

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