Digital revolution: what are the challenges for corporate communication?

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At the time of digitalization, companies are starting a real digital boom. And for a good reason! If this change is not obvious to everyone, it goes without saying that it greatly makes the working methods easier. The world of communication is changing, in particular that of corporate communication that must adapt to the new challenges of the digital revolution.


What are the challenges for us communicators?


Information and transparency have become the key words of communicators because of the digitalisation. As a matter of fact, it is all about offering both an internal and external point of view, an increased visibility and precise and credible content with one goal: e-reputation. Many companies have identified the whole issue of good communication through new digital tools that are constantly developing.


Corporate communication and digital communication: a match made in heaven


The digital involves small and large companies trying to harmonize working methods. Digital tools come to supervise and legislate the various internal processes for optimal productivity.

No sector is spared: sales and managers benefit from business software, human resources are not left behind and the platforms dedicated to internal operations are multiplying. It is therefore essential that the communication departments use new technologies to respond to the acceleration of the digital and to the new working methods.


The digitalization in favor of teamwork


The most reluctant will say that the digital makes team work more complex, and yet it is not the case, much on the contrary! Digitalization allows teams to focus fully on their business, rendering logistics automated or at least optimized by the digital. After the “marketing automation” it is the era of the “communication automation” which also allows to nourish and improve the relationship with the essential public of the company (employees, investors, journalists, activists …).


Adapted material


The short and animated video format is the ideal communication material for this new mode of communication, which answers to all the challenges of the digital revolution.

Offering “responsive” content has become a real necessity for approaching corporate communication from a new angle!


As you can see, adapting our working methods and our communication material has become essential. If the digital revolution is an important ally in our daily life, it also requires some effort to be able to follow the bandwagon!